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A Tribute to Refugee

In lands of strife, they face tribulation,

Yet rise with unmatched determination.

Through persecution, they find salvation,

A testament to human migration.

In search of peace, a new foundation,

They bear the weight of transformation.

With hope as their sole motivation,

They craft stories of inspiration.

Their dreams defy all expectations,

Built on stories of adaptation.

In unity, they form a nation,

A symbol of reconciliation.

Through trials and endless frustration,

They shine with a steadfast dedication.

In their strength, there's no limitation,

Refugees, a source of admiration.

In their journeys, a vivid illustration

Of the human spirit's celebration.

With hearts full of love and aspiration,

They teach us profound appreciation.

So let us stand in their veneration,

Support their cause, end their isolation.

For in their struggles and determination,

They exemplify true resilience and elation.

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